Skincare Inspired by Nature’s Harmony™

TEYE Treatment™ is a comprehensive collection of skincare created by the Oasis Wellness Centre and Spa.

TEYE Treatment™ is broken into three BASIC Collections each specific to a skin type or dysfunction and formulated to address the very special needs of each skin disorder. While the three BASIC Collections can be interwoven with each other they are designed to function as a family of products together. Additionally the BASIC Collections can be enhanced with the ADVANCED Collection. The products in this group do not belong in any one specific BASIC Collection rather can be interchanged to suit specific diagnosis as needed.

TEYE BASIC is a botanical based treatment collection developed by professional, practising aestheticians. The products are designed to treat both skin types and specific skin conditions such as sensitivity, combination and blemish prone. TEYE BASIC uses only the purest potent ingredients, such as botanicals and herbs, with natural high concentrations of healing compounds for maximum effectiveness.The performance of the BASIC Collections is a direct result of the combinations of herbs used.

TEYE ADVANCED takes skincare to the next level. Utilizing the best of modern technology and prescription grade ingredients TEYE ADVANCED is a complete system designed to target special concerns and increase the effectiveness of TEYE BASIC. Constantly evolving, to keep pace with science and industry trends, TEYE ADVANCED offers formulations that use state of the art ingredients with clinical track records of success. TEYE ADVANCED promises to provide healthy vital skin while solving universal skin concerns. Based in non-synthetic vitamins, minerals and enzymes TEYE ADVANCED creates results without irritating or damaging the skin.

Safe, gentle, easy to use and beneficial for the skin: TEYE Treatment™ is Skincare Inspired by Nature’s Harmony™.

What’s your personal skin care ritual?