RELEASE Collection

The RELEASE aroma blend has been carefully prepared to provide the most stimulating and purifying experience.

The specific oils, combined with the effective skin care components, deliver a true detoxification treatment that can increase concentration, clear confusion and stimulate blood flow in the body.

RELEASE is an aroma blend of:


An anti-bacterial and non-irritating extract that softens sebum secretions.


Antimicrobial properties.


Soothes inflammations.



Body Aroma Soak

Body Aroma Soak

A blend of dense living sea salt, mixed with the essential oils of each Aroma, creating a bathing experience that allows complete re-mineralizing of the skin.

Body Crème

Body Crème

A delicate lotion that provides the benefits of protective antioxidants, skin nourishing components and the specific effects of the essential oils of each Aroma.

Foaming Body Wash

Foaming Body Wash

A two in one shower gel that both cleanses and exfoliates the skin by combining gentle AHA’s with the essential oils of each Aroma.