Body Inspired by Nature’s Harmony™

TEYE Body™ is a complete collection of aroma-therapeutic products created by the Oasis Wellness Centre and Spa.

TEYE Body™ is a true aromatherapy range designed for safe and effective home care use. Each aroma blend is derived from the purest aromatherapy oils and blended to provide the best in skin care, for the body, combined with the sensory effects attributed to pure aromatherapy oils.

TEYE Body™ is a botanical based collection developed without synthetic fragrances or mineral oils and is completely free of any added dyes. The products are designed to treat both the physical needs of the skin and provide a specific physiological response for the mind and soul. TEYE Body™ uses only the purest potent ingredients, such as botanicals and herbs, with natural high concentrations of each blend of aromatherapy oils. The performance of the TEYE Body™ collections is directly a result of the combinations used. While each aroma blend is designed to work as an independent collection they can be interchanged to suit specific desires and needs.

TEYE Body™ provides aromatherapy benefits through three specific aroma blends:


is a calming and meditative blend of Chamomile, Lavender, Rose, Lily and Jasmine oils.


is a stimulating and purifying blend of Rosemary, Mint, Fennel and Eucalyptus oils.


is an uplifting and restorative blend of Tangerine, Mandarin, Hazelnut and Honey oils.

Safe, gentle, easy to use and beneficial for the skin: TEYE Body™ is Body Inspired by Nature’s Harmony™